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Starting anything new can be confusing, scary, and overwhelming, especially when you don't know where to start!

Designed for aspiring and novice screenwriters, The Fundamentals of Screenwriting & Storytelling is a live 2-day online intensive that will give you the fundamentals of the craft. From script formatting to effective storytelling, Script & Story will give you all the tools you need to get started on your screenwriting journey.






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In this 2-day intense, you'll learn the fundamentals of the craft to help you get started on your screenwriting journey. 

  • The Fundamentals of Screenwriting & Storytelling is a 2-day weekend intensive

  • We are in the process of scheduling the next class. Please check back soon or subscribe to our mailing list for announcements:

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Through slides, exercises, videos, examples, timed writing exercises, and sharing your work, you will learn how to:

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Learn the art of visual storytelling, film and screenplay terms, script formatting, the key elements of a screenplay (scenes, action, dialog, etc), how to write a logline, and more!


Learn the art of getting notes (feedback) on your work


Learn the art of strong storytelling,  crafting a killer concept, creating captivating characters and gripping conflict, the importance of theme, the three-act story structure, and more!


Explore your voice, mission, and your "why" as a screenwriter/storyteller



A fully crafted logline (1-2 sentence summary of your story) to use as a foundation for your screenplay


Additional (optional) homework and screenwriting resources to continue your learning and development


From your facilitator and from your fellow writers as you learn and discover yourself as a writer/storyteller


Upon successfully completing The Fundamentals of Screenwriting & Storytelling intensive

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With your Script & Story course registration, you get 10% off our script coverage services!


You will need a device that can access Zoom and provide writing software in order to participate in the class.


As the intensive will be delivered live via Zoom, you will need access to the platform in order to participate in the class. You can do so via your internet browser, or the app.

Note that you do not need a Zoom account in order to access the platform.

In order to participate in the writing exercises and take notes, you will need access to writing software such as Microsoft Word, Pages, Notes, or Google Docs.


You can also use a notebook if you prefer to hand-write notes and ideas, through we recommend using your device for the timed writing exercises as you'll be able to write more content.


In need of screenwriting software? Or an upgrade?

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Hi! I'm Mandi. I'm a queer screenwriter, script consultant, story editor, director, and educator with a specialty in Pochinko clown. With now over 20 years of experience in the film industry, I'm currently contracted as a screenwriter for an LGBTQ+ feature with a Canadian production company, plus writing the short film version funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. I'm also the story editor for a dark comedy web series funded by Telefilm/WIDC, a script consultant for YN Films, plus worked as a script analyst for the 2022 Female Eye Film Festival.


Additionally, my LGBTQ+ mental health-focused feature script Feeling Unreal was shortlisted for the Sundance Development Track, was an Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition second rounder, and a ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship semifinalist. My LGBTQ+ YA fantasy/adventure feature Metagame was a quarterfinalist (top 3%) in the Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest and the ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition as well.


My short mockumentary The Fardy Brothers, which was created for the 48 Hour Film Project Toronto, won Audience Favorite (Group A) and screened at the Best of 48 Hour Short Films. It went on to screen at film festivals all around the world such as The Ontario International Film Festival, Canadian International Comedy Film Festival, SPLICE Film Fest, FilmJam, and the European Film Festival of which I won Best Director alongside my co-writer/co-director Kevin P. Gabel. While the pandemic put my shorts on hold, I took part in the Stuck At Home 48 Hour Film Project and created my first stop motion film Annie & Pepper that was an official selection at the Stockholm City Film Festival.


I'm also your instructor for Script & Story's The Fundamentals of Screenwriting & Storytelling, Write Your Short, and Writing Through Play. While the majority of my industry training through the years has been insightful and rewarding, the most beneficial, the most impactful training and opportunities were the ones that focused on the root of creation: play! 


Those opportunities included extensive Pochinko clown training at the University of Alberta with Jan Henderson, one of Canada's leading clown and mask teachers, as well as Virtual Playground: A Clown Class with Shannan Calcutt, The Making-Box, and the Second City Hollywood. (You can read my full Writing Through Play bio here!)


Additionally, I also give extensive script coverage to screenwriters. Noticing I would often give a lot of the same notes, especially to writers still navigating story and finding their voice, I became inspired to create Script & Story to provide aspiring and emerging screenwriters and storytellers with accessible training, and a safe, supportive space to start or continue their writing journey.


When I'm not writing scripts, giving coverage, editing stories, or creating my own content, I can be found rummaging for treasure in thrift stores, solving puzzles in escape rooms, smacking birdies at badminton, or throwing plastic spoons during screenings of The Room.


To learn more about me, you can check out my personal website, or my IMDb! 💗 🌻

Since we don't have testimonials for this specific class yet, here are some testimonials for Mandi's script coverage, as well as our one-of-a-kind intensive Writing Through Play:

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"Mandi is one of the best script coverage analysts I have had the pleasure of working with. Not only does she provide helpful notes in terms of structure, dialogue and character development but she also truly cares for her clients’ projects. Mandi’s reports are full of enthusiasm and passion while still balancing constructive criticism and thoughtful insight. I would recommend Mandi to any writer who is looking to work with someone with great ideas and skill in order to elevate their screenplay!"


I found this was the exact class that I was looking for in order to gain some confidence in writing as well as finding the fun that I have loved in the past while writing.


Mandi leads the class in such an encouraging light while taking into the consideration of personal life struggles wholeheartedly allowing for the feelings of guilt that so often plague me (and I'm sure lots of writers) when the inability to get something done sinks me below sea level. I am overjoyed by the amount of writing I was able to achieve just DURING class while also letting me feel less weight on my daily writing.


I would recommend this class to anyone who may be feeling a bit down, or like they aren't good enough - because by the end of it you'll forget those thoughts even plagued you. Thanks Mandi!

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With your Script & Story course registration, you get 10% off our script coverage services!

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