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Here at Script & Story, we understand that after spending endless hours with your beloved script can make it difficult to see the bigger picture. That's why an insightful outside eye is crucial for the development of any screenplay, no matter how experienced the writer is!

In addition to our courses and intensives, we have our very own script consultant ready to help you polish your current draft to get it that much closer to a final draft!

Registered Script & Story students receive a 10% discount on script coverage services!

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The term "script coverage" is traditionally used for one to two pages of notes written by an assistant, intern or script reader at a production company. A script will go to them first for evaluation. If the script receives a "recommend" by the reader, the script and the coverage will be given to the agent/manager. If it receives a "pass", it will not.

What we do is actually closer to what the industry calls "in-depth script notes". These notes are given to a writer by a script consultant or script doctor in order to improve the script, and the notes are usually much longer than one or two pages!


So why do we use the term "script coverage"? It's simply a wider-known term amongst screenwriters. Plus, in addition to the in-depth notes we provide, we include the same "scoring system" as script readers use in their coverage to give a visual representation of the specific areas in the script that are working, and that need to be re-worked.





On top of screenwriting, acting, directing, producing, editing, coaching actors and my extensive training in Pochinko clown, I have many years of experience providing detailed, thought-provoking feedback on screenplays ranging from shorts and features, to web and TV series.


Using my extensive training and experience in storytelling, as well as my intuition for the craft, my notes offer screenwriters a fresh, modern perspective on their work consisting of a tactful blend of notes, praise, questions and suggestions. When it comes to giving coverage, my ultimate goal is to fill a writer with confidence, inspiration and enthusiasm for their next draft.


Additionally, on my (rare) spare time I give script feedback anonymously on coverflyX. As of October 2020, my feedback has a 4.5/5 rating:

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To learn more about me, you can check out my bio here, or go to any of the following links:

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It depends which package you choose and what kind of coverage you need!


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"I can’t praise working with Mandi enough.  Not only did she dissect my script intellectually, but she completely immersed herself in the narrative and in the characters.  I trusted her insights and suggestions because she got to the heart of my story.


Her coverage was in-depth, communicated clearly in a supportive manner, and with passion.  I was inspired and motivated to write the next draft.   She opened my eyes to ways I could improve my story and writing skills, and ignited my imagination on how to fix what wasn’t working. I think the advantage of working with Mandi is that her instincts and insights are dictated not only by her work as a writer, but also as an actress and director.  I was beyond impressed and will definitely use her service again.


She truly has a gift."



What is the turnaround time for script coverage?

Our coverage service has a 14 day turnaround guarantee. However, if you need your coverage sooner than that, we also offer a 3 day rush or 7 day rush option as well!

Can I see a script coverage sample?

Absolutely! As we're still building our website, head to our contact page with a request to view a coverage sample and we'll get one to you as soon as possible!

Can Script & Story get me an agent or manager?

Although we can't connect you directly with an agent or manager, we can help you get your script in the strongest shape it can be for your submissions!

What does the process of getting script coverage look like?

First, you choose the package that best suits your needs. Then, choose whether you need a 3 or 7 day rush. From there, head to the checkout form below, upload your script, add any additional comments for our script consultant, make your payment, then sit back and relax until your coverage is sent to you!

What if my script is over 120 pages?

As of right now, we do not charge for additional pages!

I'm worried about copyright! How can you ensure to keep my script safe? Can you sign my NDA?

Every script that’s sent to Script & Story remains 100% the author’s copyright.

We will under no circumstances release, or let your script be viewed, by any third party without your prior consent. Additionally, any idea we suggest or piece of feedback that you implement into your script will be 100% your own. We also never accept royalties.

With that in mind, we do not sign writers’ own NDAs. We—and to be honest, 99 percent of people and companies out there—have zero interest in "stealing screenplays." Managers, execs, producers, etc. will be interested in hiring you as a writer, not running off with one script. And script consultancies like ourselves have no desire to do this either. We have our own careers and reputations to take care of and simply want to help you succeed too.

Can I send additional materials along with my script?

As of right now, we only do coverage on scripts as opposed to treatments, pitch decks, summaries or any other materials other than loglines. That said, be sure to include your logline with your submission!

What if I have questions that aren't answered here?

Feel free to contact us here, or send us a message in our chat! We would be happy to hear from you!

What size font is used for the coverage?

We use size 12 font for all of our coverage. No sneaky "changing the font size to reach a certain page count" here!

How do you price your coverage services?

We're proud to offer script coverage services that are unique to us! Therefore, our prices reflect what's included with our coverage, the current market for coverage/extensive notes, as well as the considerable amount of time our script consultant puts into her script coverage.

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